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Baby Safe Steps is London’s premier baby proofing service.  We work with parents to design a comprehensive baby safety solution for your home. Our consultants have helped thousands of London families by identifying and minimising risks throughout the house.

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Address: London , United Kingdom.

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday :   08:00 - 17:00

You can reach us for any queries via phone Monday-Friday : 08:00-17:00 or you can contact us via Email at anytime. 


How  Does  It  Work ?



Our consultant will walk through your ho­me, make suggestions and identify potent­ial hazards and dang­ers, as well as listen to your concerns. Afterwards, we’ll the​n provide an item­ized quote detailing all of our recommen­dations.​ From this you can decide how much or how little you’re comfortable wi­th.

Free Consultation

For those​ ​ who choose to go ahead with the installation, they can enjoy​ ​ a Free consultation.
Otherwise, it is £50, if you decide to just have the consultation.

We are upfront and transparent​ ​ ​ about the costs associated with​ ​ our services.

same day installation

We’ll have all of the equipment with us and, in most cases, can complete the work on the same day as the consultation. We’ll ensure you are happy with all of the equipment we’ve installed and show you how to use it.

How Much Does It Cost ?

Every home is different and there are usually multiple options for parents to choose from. In average, our quotes can fall between £400-£600 to include labour and equipment. Stair gates and other bespoke items can range in prices, therefore the equipment and services you choose can impact the total cost.



❛❛ Al and co. were fantastic! Now, I can have some piece of mind and let my baby be a bit more independent around the house ❜❜

                                                             “Nick, London”


❛❛ This service it’s just what I needed, knowledgeable, transparent and proficient ❜❜

                                                             “Katherine, London”


❛❛ Al was great. His attention to detail was spot on. I wasn’t aware of half the things he recommended. ❜❜

                                                             “Charlotte, London”


❛❛ I cannot recommend this company enough.
Thank you guys. ❜❜

                                                             “Gabriella, London”


❛❛ Thanks to Al and the guys I feel less anxious. Now the baby can have some independence around the house. ❜❜

                                                             “Stephen, London”


❛❛ In my opinion, the customer service of this company is second to none. ❜❜

                                                             “Katie, London”

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